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  • Best video shoot ever

    We were busy preparing our new video shoot the past days. Bali is a heaven for custom motorcycles, it's simply the best and most awesome way to get from A to B. Motorcycle culture is massive on Bali so it was easy to convince some friends to have a little ride out with the bikes and film the whole thing. 

    We cruised up the West Coast, riding through lush green forrests, rice fields, winding roads and on black sand beaches, filming with steady cams, Go Pros and a drone. You ll be see the final video in a few weeks! Stay tuned!

    Canggu Stray Cats yo!

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  • This is brand passion :)

    Andre got a new Haze and Glory tattoo here on Bali :)

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  • Haze & Glory Bali Trip

    You might have read that we produce all our design on the beautiful island of Bali. We work in our own little studio with some great craftsmen and feel blessed to be able to call Bali our base. After 7 months working on Haze & Glory we finally managed to come all together for 3 weeks, Andre flew over from Germany and the three of us could go wild.

    3 weeks of daily morning coffees, productive sessions at the studio and the factory, photoshoots, video sessions, surf breaks and sunset drinks...

    We love what we do, it's beautiful to watch Haze & Glory grow and grow! Thanks to all of you for being a part!

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  • Danielle Knudson in H&G

    Canadian model Danielle Knudson looks pretty damn fine in our Haze & Glory Stone Dress.

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  • Super stoked to see Lena Meyer Landrut wearing Haze & Glory

    It's always great to see beautiful strong women wearing our designs. We are very happy to see German singer-songwriter and power chick Lena Meyer Landrut wearing our Ace Top and Bambi Dress on recent trip the the UK. 

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