About Us


Who we are:

Haze & Glory took its first breath in summer 2014 and was created by international male model Andre Hamann and German designer duo and boutique owners Rik Fiddicke and Kim Naomi.

Motivated to deliver high end vintage inspired premium garments and re-viving time consuming hand made techniques, the label literally is work in progress.

Constantly evolving and experimenting, the trio is driven by a strong Do-It-Yourself mentality to create quality deconstructed garments.


Responsible Manufacturing:

Haze & Glory focuses on fabrics, attention to detail, customization and construction while celebrating craftsmanship. Right from the beginning the focus lies on boutique production out of the island of Bali where we operate from our design studio. Here we have full control over the production chain, we can be actively involved in all processes from sourcing fabrics, to dyeing, washing techniques, sewing, finishing, customizing to quality control.

All our products are 100% hand made from finest materials.

In our eyes good design does not just have to look good. It has to feel good, last long and offer the customer piece of mind that it was produced responsibly.