"Cool kids never have the time / On a live wire right up off the street / You and I should meet / Double cross the vacant and the bored / They're not sure just what we have in store / Morphine city slippin' dues / Down to see"

(Smashing Pumpkins)

Our 2nd collection: 90's memorabilia, epitome of our youth, freedom re-lived, concrete magic, smashed denim, rusty, death to boredom, distressed cottons, rusty metals, broken bones, private rebellion, washed leather, no holding back, feeling over thoughts, smiles in the night, today is here...



Nadia von Sconti


Benito van Leeuwen @benito_van_leeuwen & Jess Lee Buchanan @jessleebuchanan from Ice Model Cape Town @icemodelscpt

Hair & Make Up:

Julia Heiermann @julia_heiermann

Styling & Art Direction:

Kim Krismann & Rik Fiddicke