The Coconut Society Necklace - gold

€75.65 €89.00

Available in 24 carat gold plated 925 sterling silver, the pendant features a finely hand carved palm tree and the writing `coconut society´ on the backside. The necklace can be worn both ways around. The pendant of the Coconut Society necklace has the measurements of 1,6 x 1,2cm and comes on a 46cm long 24 carat gold plated sterling silver chain. The gold Coconut Society necklace is shorter than the silver version.

When we left our home to move to the tropics we bounced into other travelers and fresh expats that we shared our table, our home, our time and passion with. Jokingly we started the Coconut Society, a group of random people from various subcultures that helped each other to turn their dreams into reality. Become a part of the Coconut Society!