The Zodiac Necklace - Aquarius


The Haze and Glory zodiac necklaces are made from oxidized 925 Sterling silver. The pendant comes on a 60cm long sterling silver chain with a ruthenium plating.

Throughout history of mankind humans always had a strong fascination for zodiac star signs and their characteristic attributes. Reading ones future and understanding zodiac specific personal characteristics is an art form practiced up until today.

Our Zodiac Star Sign collection is a modern hand drawn interpretation of the traditional star sign images. We paired each individual star sign coin with its strongest character attribute.

Born between 21st January and 19th February, the Aquarius is known to be a free spirited and unconventional individual.

Aquarius belongs to the air element zodiacs. Known for their dreamy personality, they often have a unique and innovative approach towards life.

Aquarius gets on well with other like minded air signs such as Gemini and Libra.